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Happy Monday

Happy Monday!

Many people find Monday a dreary, dreadful day. Not me! It is the second day of the week and I am living, breathing, walking, talking, writing, and thinking. Could it be any better? True life is not exactly what I would prefer at this very minute, but I am working on changes and growing. Growing is important throughout life. Don’t become stagnant, stale, unmoving, unliving, unthinking. Live the life you are given. Thrive! It is up to you and only you to take each day, hour, minute, and second and breathe, move, think, create, and most of all love!!!

Have you thought about your life? Have you just changed grades to another portion of your K-12 schooling? Graduated from high school? Graduated from college? Graduated from grad school? What are you doing? Are you beginning the new venture with anticipation of creation and success? Or are you simply moaning and groaning about the next step in your life? Are you thinking you are done with learning or creating? Don’t do the stinking thinking – live and go for the gusto. (Yes, I love cliches!) This also goes for those of you with life changes that you were not planning – job loss or decrease in hours, marriage dissolved or perhaps begun, housing issues, money issues, moving, health, family issues. All of these are changes for better and for worse. It is was the outcome may be and your attitude toward the changes that make the difference.

I will be writing about many of these areas, some comfortable and others not. All I ask is that you share with me through thoughts and comments. I am often an open book and sometimes the locked diary. You will encounter a lot of my thoughts throughout the blogging journey.

Have a lovely rest of your Monday,

Sherry – Living the crazy life!

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