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My Crazy Life

Oh, yes, I teach therefore I am…eclectic in many ways. I have taught grades K-12, community college, university, and grad school. I am a presenter – presenting to many people about instructional strategies and generations. My husband and I have a passion for working with college students, particularly the community college level as there is a great variety. Diversity with a capital D! The energy is high. The need to succeed is extreme. The will to accomplish is supreme. Yet with all the students who have touched my life, I feel I am the one who continues in the riches from the experiences throughout the years.

Education has come about as a boomerang. In 1972, my mother was diagnosed with a rare disease; Celiac Sprue. We tried to find out information on this new way of eating to live and found very little. She was an experiment for the doctors and our family. Now, I live with the same condition but with much better sources of information. Unfortunately, people like celebrities have coined terms of gluten-free living as a diet, a way to lose weight. For me it is a matter of life or death.

More posts will follow on what is Celiac – Life or Death.

Now you know a little more,


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