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What is Sherry’s Loco Vida?

That’s right, it should be vida loco, but The Dude suggested this title. It is perfect. For our 13th anniversary he came to the campus and changed the license plates on my car – NVR DULL. He left a note under the driver’s side windshield wiper. It said that life with me was never dull! Thus my life has never been dull. Starting life on a farm in southern Illinois and then moving to Berkeley, CA so my father could go to grad school. Shocker! I learned to roll with the tide of life – in and out the flow goes. As I review what I have done thus far in living – Lived in 5 states but visited all 50. Traveled the world visiting 756 countries. Spent over a month camping throughout Europe. Taught K-12, community college, university, and grad school. written books that were published by a reputable publishing house. Working on a book of poetry and one with a colleague on instructional strategies. Driven the USS Alabama, ridden in a hot air balloon, flew in many different types of aircraft. Been on racetracks and driven tractors. Accepted many dares and lived to tell about the adventures. Featured on TV and radio numerous times. Met many people famous and not-so-famous. Eaten many different foods in many different venues, in many different countries. First runner-up in a macadamia nut recipe contest for Hawai’i. Performed on stage in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand with Tommy Tune. A person in the background for a CSI shoot in Las Vegas. Yes, it is a crazy life for me. Most crazy are the opportunities I get to be around a diverse array of people. My life has been enriched. I have been blessed with a son and daughter who are fabulous, oh yes, and now a son-in-law who is a kick!! He fits right in with our adventurous spirit.

Now look at what you have done. As you review the years whether they be a lot or a few or in between, consider what you have accomplished. What have you done to afford yourself the simple opportunities for growth in living the crazy life. I challenge you to review and take stock in what you have done well, enjoyed, and accomplished. Was it crazy? Good! Was it a failure of some kind? That’s alright as well. We cannot succeed without some experience of failure. Find your friends and mentors. Keep them around you and solidify their presence. Find your spirit and your joy and go for the gusto.

Make your own loco vida,


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