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Thinking About Choices


Recently, walking through Santa Rosa Junior College’s campus, I was struck by the simple beauty throughout. I stopped to revel in the rose in this picture. A campus full of old oaks, redwoods, and many flowers adds to the wonder and thinking of those who notice the little pieces of beauty. The old and new brick buildings cause me to marvel at structures. The artwork and giant sculptures are around each corner. There is a master plan for me being on this campus. It is eye-candy which in turn becomes brain-candy.

Thinking. Choices. How much time have you spent thinking, let alone thinking about choices? Do you make abrupt choices and think about them later? Do you labor over a choice or decision, muddying the water here, wondering about the choice? Making choices and/or decisions are what we are led to do in this life journey. Sometimes you have a choice in the “choice/decision” and sometimes not.

Now to get personal – I was very ill for two years. I tried never to let my students or colleagues know. Even my family did not know the full suffering. Life went on. The day did come when a doctor finally listened, tests were administered and the answer, full-blown Celiac. Diagnosis – Severe Celiac Disease. Wow! Shades of my mother and her suffering. She was diagnosed in 1972. There was not much information on living with this. No speciality foods as there are now! My mind raced – Would I survive?

Yes! I am surviving and with the enthusiasm and research needed. I listen, read, and converse. But in the end, I make my own choices/decisions that are the very best for me. I have looked over the hype that certain sites tout! So I ask you – Are you discovering what is best for you and your body? Are you trying everything that is touted? Be careful, do research, and listen to your body. Celiacs do have very loud stomachs when the innards are unhappy!

Through research I have found that eating as close to Paleo as possible makes my whole system happy. And now I am going to endorse a product. Cappello’s Gluten-Free Pasta is absolutely a miracle food for me. It is made with almond flour! It cooks in 45 seconds and the lasagna does not need to be precooked. My family thinks it is better than the real wheat pasta. I have had the fettucinni, lasagna, and gnocchi! Yes, it costs me, but I find the serving for two is actually enough for four. It can be frozen (it comes fresh!) and is just like fresh when handled and cooked. I have made little raviolis with my own cheese fillings, spaetzle, and mini churros strips from the lasagna. Life is good! Do I fret when I miss something good? Yes, I do, but not for long as I think about how much better I feel and how much healthier I am.

More on eating in future blogs. Now to wrap it up. Be careful about your choices and decisions. Think. Think critically. Think wisely. Pray, meditate, read, research.

Take care in all you do and be willing to live the crazy life,


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