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Food – What to Eat – No Supplements!

Today I went to the doctor. What is wonderful about this is that I have not seen the doctor for over 6 months! Health is totally in check except for one, well two issues; a wpot on my face and one very weird spot on my shin. She burned off the one on my face. A sketchy spot developed over the long drives and being in the sun! Hopefully it does not return. The other is a very strange rash on the left shin that is growing. She had the assistant take pictures to send to Dermatology. They oohed and ahhed over this strange growing mass. Hah! The ultimate diagnosis is that it is something I am ingesting! Yikes!

An interesting issue with Celiacs is that we are affected by many foods and our immunity is very, very low. The only item I have recently changed is trying Mila. Now since I tried this I have developed a runny left eye, which the Dr. dealt with by email. She asked about the consistency. Well it is ground up. So I stopped and within a day my eye cleared. Now the Dr. feels the spot might be from it as well. It could be something I have always had in my immune system, but adding a new and different food may have triggered it. I refused lab work. I have been poked my whole life. I hate needles.

No more supplements for me. If it is not in my heritage of foods my ancestors ate, forget it. We are what we eat. I am not doing without, I am doing with. With whole foods, fresh foods, organic foods, 100% grass-fed foods! No juices, just the whole food. No blenders, only for making batters. Chestnut flour clafoutis, chestnut flour pancakes, chestnut flour crepes, and chestnut flour waffles.

Now, I think I shall have a fresh field greens salad with sauted peppers, onions, and shrimp! Yum! Think about what you eat. Afterall, you are what you eat, especially if you are Celiac or Gluten-Intolerant.

Living the Crazy Life,


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