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The Best Pasta In The WORLD!

Gluten-Free, Grain-Free, Celiac! Those labels can mean a response of dispair for many people. 1 in 100 people in the US now have Celiac Disease. It is not a fad diet, yet since a certain book, The G-Free Diet, was released the word came that it was simply a diet. One to lose weight, feel better, help with children’s learning, Autism, Aspergers, the list goes on. But for those of us who are medically diagnosed with Celiac Disease it is literally a matter of life and death. If I get cross-contaminated from a toaster, or a crouton put on my salad and then taken off before it was served, means I will probably vomit within 20-30 minutes. And then it hits the other way. It can cause me stomach problems for up to two days. Not fun for me or my family.

I could allow it to control my life, but I chose to control it by watching what I ingest. I do miss foods, soft holey breads, pastas, pizza, but alas I have found the solutions to some of these. The dish you see above is made with Cappello’s Gluten-Free/Grain-Free Fettuccini. You see, in order to keep my diet in check in the easiest way, I eat Paleo – like a cave woman. I eat no grains, but I do eat nuts! This pasta is made with almond flour, yet it tastes like regular wheat pasta. When my mother (diagnosed in 1972) tried the different gluten-free foods, I remember the long time it took to cook the corn and rice based pastas. The taste – awful! When I was diagnosed, I thought surely they would be improved. No such luck! Took forever to cook and the taste – Forget it! Being the researcher that I am (not only because of a doctoral dissertation but for personal pleasure to find the best deals) I came across Cappello’s in Colorado. What a find! Blessing! Delicacy! Fresh, that’s right, FRESH pasta made from a nut and organic ingredients, and better yet it only takes 45 SECONDS to cook! You read correctly, 45 seconds. The lasagna does not need to be precooked and the gnocci is only a minute! I ordered and it was delivered in a special coldpack container that is reusable and recyclable! I ordered a lot and froze what I didn’t use in a week. Now get this – I take out the frozen pasta just 5 minutes before cooking. It defrosts immediately, goes into the water and yum! Ready to go.


1 – container Cappellos’ Gluten-Free Fettuccini  (Also it says serves two. I found my husband and I are satisfied with one small serving each and there is enough left for lunch the next day.)

1  – dozen organic cherry tomatoes, sliced in half

1 – dozen fresh shrimp, shelled except for tails

2 – heads of organic green garlic, chopped

1 – small sweet organic onion, chopped

1 – dash organic sea salt

1 – dash of organic Mexican seasoning

1/2 – cube of 100% grass fed butter or dollop of ghee

In cast iron skillet, melt butter – add chopped garlic and onion. Add shrimp and seasoning,  and gently stir while cooking until shrimp lose transparency, just a few minutes. Add tomatoes. Once you add tomatoes, place pasta into rapidly boiling water. Time 45 seconds, remove and rinse! Add to skillet and then immediately remove from heat and put into serving bowl.

Serve with a lovely organic mixed green salad, topped with organic olive oil and fresh squeezed lemon juice,  and a nice glass of red wine!


I cannot tell you how this has literally made a difference in my attitude about gluten-free pasta. Cappello’s proves it can be made fresh, without a lot of ingredients like rice flour, and can be absolutely delicious! And not take a half an hour to cook.

Suggestions: Check out the Paleo way of eating. Read An End to Illness, Wheat Belly,  La Tartine Gourmande, and French Kids Eat Everything. They have great recipes! I am eating Paleo, French, Italian, Mexican, Spanish, Thai, and German!

I am eating to Live! And I might add, eating quite well!

Living the Crazy Life,


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  1. The gluten-free diet i am taking is quite tasty and so i am much delighted. ‘

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