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Thoughts on Reality and a Recipe!


Perhaps this Friday is not the day you had hoped it would be. Guess what, that’s alright! Often Friday is the last day of the work week for many, but it may be the middle of some work weeks or the beginning. We need to look at each day as a beginning of a wonderful life; living, breathing, making choices, decisions to be made from what to have for breakfast to what color sheets we want on our bed. My concern is what society is doing to influence the negativity.

I recently read a few fb posts by new mothers who were feeling “down.” People discouraged about their lack of motivation to diet. Hating having a food allergy or dietary issue(s). Not enough money. Loss of jobs. Cutback of hours. Failures. Period.

I am not saying that his is not good, but think about how much scientific research keeps finding that a positive attitude and outlook affects our health and well-being. We, yes I am saying “we”, are making ourselves unhealthy by our attitudes. Who do we surround ourselves with? Are they positive people in person and on social sites? I am not saying to give up on certain friends, but do an assessment. Are they positive most of the time or do they grovel with you? Have you reached out to new mothers with positive attitudes about those babies? Do they agree with your attitudes about nurturing? What about dieting? Do you surround yourself with people who support you or tell you it is alright to cheat just a little? Do you want to go for a walk and they say they will after a program and then you end up not going at all? Do you think about what happens if you eat the food you are allergic to or know will make you very ill within an hour? Are you endlessly saying “Why me?”

This is hard, but being positive is a must in this day and age. We are bombarded by reality this and that and guess what? It is not real! Everything is staged and you need to think about beginning to stage your reality. Think about that…staging your life! You literally set the stage on what happens to you after a life changing event. We need to take an assessment and put the findings into reality. You now have a baby – What decisions have you made? I will admit I am old school and it was from the influence of my German heritage of this is how it has been done for generations and you will do it, too. Here it is: No pacifiers! Only cloth diapers! Once the baby became a toddler, potty training began! Breast feed and first foods would be soups! No jars of baby food, because baby eats what we eat! No taking a baby to the theater (shows/cinemas) as you do not want to be offensive if they cry but most of all you care about their hearing and overall health compared to your need for entertainment! Travel with baby, but sensibly as you need to get them used to going. This is a world of going! My two learned to sleep anywhere and everywhere, ate everything, are healthy and grown adults now!

Food. Are you eating for living or are you living to eat? I am going to continue this blog later, but for now:

Rustic Pasta Cheesy Chili Bake

1/2 pound 100% grass fed ground beef

2 organic tomatoes chopped

1 large organic onion chopped

1 large organic red bell pepper chopped

Brown all of this together, adding organic Mexican Chili spice blend to taste.

Add 1/2 package of Cappello’s gluten-free pasta (no need to precook) to mixture. Sprinkle with desired cheese.

Bake at 350 degrees for about 20 minutes or mixture/cheese bubbles.

So easy. So good!

Take care and know that I am:

Living the Crazy Life,


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