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Being Positive About Health

Researching! Always! On a health journey. I was glutened this weekend and suffered dearly. The restaurant is local and trying to make it so we thought we would investigate. Unfortunately, even after questioning, warning, and hearing the ingredients I was sick within an hour of eating. It lasted for almost 2 days.  Yet, I am going to stay positive and decided I would see what else I can do to become greener and healthier.

First research – oral hygiene. I am tired of all the different ingredients in tooth cleansers. Research led me to Tooth Soap. I ended up ordering some (2 for 1 in June) and found it to be quite delightful. I chose the liquid. It comes in a glass bottle with a dropper lid. Two drops on a wet brush and it foams up and works just as advertised. Nice bright, whistle clean teeth! The company also has kid’s cleansers, brighteners, etc. I am going to try the soap shreds for travel. No TSA worry that way. Ingredients: organic extra virgin olive oil, organic coconut oil, distilled water and the essential oil for flavor. I cannot believe how well it works. My teeth are squeaky clean. This product is made in Oregon.

Now to floss – I tried a green floss by Eco-Dent. It has a non-plastic holder. No go for me. The thread shredded horribly between my teeth. I had to floss with regular thread to get out the fine pieces. At least I tried. So it is back to regular floss products.

Next lip balm – My favorite is Kiehl’s, but guess what? It has wheat starch in it! No can do. The research began. I have found a winner. At least for now. It is Hurraw! Simple and edible. At least for a GF person. There are about 19 flavors and the colored balms are very light, just a hint of color. The grapefruit balm ingredients are: grapefruit oil, sweet almond oil, candelilla wax, coconut oil, cocoa butter, castor oil, olive oil, and vitamin E (raw and organic). This is a vegan product as well. An extra I really like is the shape of the tube. It is not round, it is oval shaped so it fits in my pockets without showing. And it has not fallen out of any, as yet. This product is made in Montana.

Trying to live a simple life and put less chemicals in my family’s bodies. Eating foods that will keep them healthy in the primal way. Good wholesome and raw foods when viable. 100% grass fed/pastured raised products. Eating according to the seasons and geographically. Enjoying the simple exercise of walking and biking, and the workout that comes from thorough house and property cleaning. Watching how we clean ourselves through what we use to put in our mouths for oral hygiene, hair products, soaps made with the main ingredient of olive oil or French milled ingredients. Doing laundry using cold water when possible on the shortest cycle with the simple ingredients found in Nellie’s Laundry Soap and then saving electricity through shorter drying time using Eco-Friendly wool dryer balls by Stoney Mountain Farm (also helping preserve a special breed of sheep). All of this is also hindering the allergy issues that come with the bombardment of scents that are found in so many products. Every scent is natural in this home. All food is organic. Being healthy and positive is truly living. I encourage you to truly live through positive thinking and eating well. Being frugal means to research the cost, but it also means you provide your day-to-day living with the products that cost less in the long run and provide the safe environment you need for your health. You and your family will be much better in the long run.

My life may be crazy, but it is good!

Living the Crazy Life,


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