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Food – What to Eat – No Supplements!

Today I went to the doctor. What is wonderful about this is that I have not seen the doctor for over 6 months! Health is totally in check except for one, well two issues; a wpot on my face and one very weird spot on my shin. She burned off the one on my face. […]

Thinking About Choices

Recently, walking through Santa Rosa Junior College’s campus, I was struck by the simple beauty throughout. I stopped to revel in the rose in this picture. A campus full of old oaks, redwoods, and many flowers adds to the wonder and thinking of those who notice the little pieces of beauty. The old and new […]

What is Sherry’s Loco Vida?

That’s right, it should be vida loco, but The Dude suggested this title. It is perfect. For our 13th anniversary he came to the campus and changed the license plates on my car – NVR DULL. He left a note under the driver’s side windshield wiper. It said that life with me was never dull! […]

My Crazy Life

Oh, yes, I teach therefore I am…eclectic in many ways. I have taught grades K-12, community college, university, and grad school. I am a presenter – presenting to many people about instructional strategies and generations. My husband and I have a passion for working with college students, particularly the community college level as there is […]

Happy Monday

Happy Monday! Many people find Monday a dreary, dreadful day. Not me! It is the second day of the week and I am living, breathing, walking, talking, writing, and thinking. Could it be any better? True life is not exactly what I would prefer at this very minute, but I am working on changes and […]

One of My Favorite Words!

Woot! Woot!