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Making Changes through the Challenge Day 4!

Guess what? It is already Day 4 of the 30 Days of change. What started as simply change in what to eat is becoming a series of changes that are needed in many area of living. Kudos to those of you who have taken the challenge(s) and are slowly but surely making changes areĀ at least […]

Day 3 of Challenges

Already? Day 3? Yes it is. I am hoping you are doing well and finding each day the challenge is there but you are finding the fortitude to make a change. Changes in eating, health, movement, spirit, knowledge, tastes for cultures, and the bevy of topics I am going to continue to cover over the […]

Day 2 of Change

Day two of 30 and so now it makes 29 days until the Whole 30 is complete. You may be experiencing withdrawals, headaches, body aches, melancholy, and just a general “Change isn’t worth it” attitude. Trust me, it is worth every moment. Changes have been my life. I went from being an southern Illinois farm […]

The Beginning of Living

No one person can tell you when you truly begin living life, but have you thought about when you decide to start living? What is the AHA moment when you actually start making a difference in attitude, eating, society? Today’s blog was a seed planted on July 13th, FRIDAY the 13th, my birthday. I laugh […]


We all have our little quirks and we all have the list of behaviors, sounds, and other pieces of living that irritate us on a daily basis. Today I am going to rant a little. Being Celiac. Having Celiac Disease is not fun, but I cannot let it overcome my love of living. Yesterday, the […]