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We all have our little quirks and we all have the list of behaviors, sounds, and other pieces of living that irritate us on a daily basis. Today I am going to rant a little.

Being Celiac. Having Celiac Disease is not fun, but I cannot let it overcome my love of living. Yesterday, the 4th of July, several of us went to the celebration on the USS Hornet in Alameda, CA. It was a beautiful and windy day on the San Francisco Bay. I knew that it would probably be a challenge to eat but I went with a handful of Glutino GF plain bagel chips and original beef jerky. As usual, there were hot dogs and hamburgers, Philly steaks, but there was a street taco vendor. I asked about the tortillas and they let me read the ingredients. Yep, they had only corn. Last week I went through 5 packages of “corn” tortillas before I found one that was not enriched with wheat. Good grief! Really???? We have to put wheat in everything? Back to the rant. I got a beef and a pork taco and they were alright. We were diligent about our garbage as the wind was really horrific and everything would fly if given a little chance. Yet, as we ate, there were people leaving their plates, etc. and not even throwing their garbage away??? Then there were the beer drinkers that just could not put down their bottles. They had to be cool and carry their bottles all around. Up and down the little stairways of the ship. Through the narrow halls and doorways. Good grief, they couldn’t even sit for a few minutes and enjoy the incredible view. Instead their preferred to spill the beer as their walked and climbed throughout the decks. Then there were the people who had to have the mega bottles of water with them. Again, they were selling water, at a reasonable price, but do you really need to be sucking on your water bottle every step you take??

Now onto our travels throughout the world. People do not walk around eating and drinking. They take the time to sit and enjoy. my family following the words “When in Rome, do as the Romans.” Thus we observe and read before we go. We also have the privilege of having friends who are natives to many of the countries we visit and they have already informed us on how to “behave.” Last year on a trip to Italy, Croatia, Greece, and Turkey we did take one bottle for two of us to share as we toured all day in the cities or sites. But, BUT we would keep it in my big bag and we would stop and sit before we drank. And to be honest, we became addicted to the gelato and had to stop and get one whenever possible. How do other peoples survive? They drink only when absolutely needed. Water is also a precious commodity in other countries.

Gum chewing! Oh, yes, I even have a small paragraph in my course syllabi about not chewing gum in class. What is with everyone chewing gum with their mouths open and thinking their look great? First of all, I do not like your spit on my arms. Second, the noise is really obnoxious. Third, if your breath is that bad you better have the dentist check your teeth. I keep thinking about recording crowds and then putting up a grazing video. It would offend cows, though, and I love dairy too much to do that. Also with the gum chewing is the amount of people who do not close their mouths when they eat food…I cannot go further on this topic. It really annoys me. Plain rude!

Next, what happened to Please and Thank You?! I keep swearing I will not open a door for anyone anymore. Everytime I do open a door or hold one open for someone, they just walk through! Sheesh! Really? No simple Thank You? Same with traffic. When driving one should merge. Nope! Several cars want in ahead of me. Not one, but several. And when I do let an extra in they will not ackowledge me with a simple wave. It was just expected! I have had the 1 finger salute on occasion. 🙂

Oh, but we need to be living, the good life, happy, appreciative. I am doing that, but I do have to rant once in a while and I felt I should share as I am sure many of you rant as well! REally? I know you do!

Life is good. I was able to spend time with those I love for 10 hours yesterday. That is a good situation to be in. Look on the sunny side of life. Rant once in a while. Be happy and move forward.

Living the Crazy Life,


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