The Beginning of Living

No one person can tell you when you truly begin living life, but have you thought about when you decide to start living? What is the AHA moment when you actually start making a difference in attitude, eating, society? Today’s blog was a seed planted on July 13th, FRIDAY the 13th, my birthday. I laugh at the suspicions regarding this date. I love this particular day when it comes around for I usually have wonderful birthdays on this particular day, but this year was a change from that. I was not feeling well, and I was taken to breakfast at a place I cannot eat. Then even though I had a choice of movie I chose one that I knew the others in my family would like better, and then I had a horrendous dinner that made me sick. I wasn’t taken to my favorite breakfast place: MAC’s, I didn’t get to see Brave or Moonrise Kingdom, and I didn’t go to P.F. Chang’s for dinner: which one have been very special as I never get sick there and Friday the 13th is a special day for them. I went to bed that night feeling even worse physically and emotionally. Now don’t feel sorry in the least bit. This happens often and it is my problem. BUT I want you to take a look and digest the rest of this blog.

Today, Monday July 16th is a new day – It is a day that I put together this theme for my blog, started the Whole 30, ended the pity party, started cleaning out “stuff’ from my house, garage, mind, and heart, and started a whole reassessment project. Next week I start a new venture of education – I am now a Coordinator of Curriculum and Prof for two classes I thoroughly enjoy teaching. I am another year older and I hope better for it. I am lightening my load so to say. As I read FaceBook last night I was disheartened to read some of the posts, many containing sad comments about themselves or family. This caused me to assess my “plight”.

Should we continue to mire ourselves down in pity parties or where we are at the moment, or do we look ahead at what may come about by actions that we take whether they be within ourselves, or with our children, or with significant others, or colleagues/friends/neighbors/strangers? Before spouting, remember I assessed my situation. Now I am going to ask you to sit down and assess yourself.

Why aren’t you happy? Really? Why aren’t you looking at the positive? Really? Is it your living arrangements, neighborhood, friends, place of worship, job, family, other people in your life? Who can make the change? Guess what, only you! I recently gave GAA a try. I like Josh Elliot on GMA, but have always disliked Lara Spencer. I felt ABC mornings was getting too silly and celebrity focused. Then I gave GAA a look for 3 days. I decided I had to tell the network and then I made the move. After many years of watching Joan Lundon, and a host of hosts, I made the switch to CBS. Wow! I was brave and made the change and now I actually get full complete stories. Robin Roberts will still get my prayers for her battle, but I don’t have to watch her to do that. I deleted a source of my irritation. In fact some friends and family were fed up with the silliness of GAA. Now we have made the changes that fulfill our  news needs. Next – Celiac Disease – I could make it the most miserable situation and keep asking “why me?” Instead I have embraced Whole 30 today to totally cleanse my system and move onto cleaner eating. Feeling better physically has to be my main focus. A number of people depend on me and I need to be at my best. Next – living with less of a footprint. I do my laundry with Nellie’s Laundry Soda and Eco-Friendly Wool Dryer Balls. Less electricity and less garbage! No fragrances either thus no air pollution. Hair – Ojon products, face and body – Norma Kamali olive oil products and BalmShelter tinted moisturizer, lip balm – Hurraw, oral care – ToothSoap. All are minimal products and last forever!! Less ingredients and less cost overall. Last but not least, while going through some really old items that belonged to my grandmother, I found notes for natural cleaning. WOW! I am going to start posting them and possibly I can put them into a little book! Woot! Cleaning out “stuff” can be a good, productive process. Lastly, my spiritual mode is this – I listen to Joel Osteen because he is positive, preaches from the OT and NT, and he actually wears a suit. I am hung up on that, I will admit. I am tired of going to churches or seeing ministers who think they must be hip. That they can’t reach the people unless they are one of them. Well, I don’t want to visit with God or Jesus in everyday clothing. I wouldn’t dress that way for a job interview or concert or wedding, etc. Does not the One I worship deserve respect? I want to hear the hymns, I want to see respect, so I attend the Spanish mass on Wednesday mornings just down the road. I can walk and truly have a time of worship. I am looking for another church home, one where people will know my name (not only a small group that I have to belong to), hymns not choruses are sung, and true worship is experienced. people will actually all have smiles and be genuine in their greetings.

In closing, I challenge you, today, to find time to sit down and make your assessment. YOU CAN DO IT! Change what you can, and realize that you can change a lot. You can take small steps or you can take large strides. You can move, you can, talk to your family members differently, you can listen to another program or simply turn off the TV or computer and have a conversation. You can walk across your store, office, campus and find someone who you can have a chat with. Find a new friend. Talk to the person standing by you in a line. Chat it up with a clerk or bagger. Have you checked on your neighbors, lately? If you are an administrator, look at how you lead. If you are a parent, look at how you model. If you are an educator, look at your lesson plans and how you deliver your lessons. If you are a factory/line worker, look at how you do your job. If you are a mom or dad who is working at home, assess your management of the whole picture. If you are a church leader, look at how you model the One. No matter what your profession or choice, look at what and how you are doing.

The challenge is there and please know that you have a lot of support – YOU CAN DO IT!!! Start today to live your life!

Come live the Crazy Life with me,


2 comments on “The Beginning of Living

  1. Wow…I’m glad that Tara shared this on FB. And Happy birthday momma! When are you back on Hawaii island? I would LOVE to talk story with you. I have embraced two Hawaiian values that has brought me freedom mentally and spiritually. It’s so much of a lighter load these days : ) hugs! keala

    • Hello Dear Daughter Keala! Thank you for the Happy Birthday! I am hoping we might make it over to The Big Island in the next year. Would you mind sharing the two Hawaiian values with me? Much Mahalo if you would. You are such an awesome woman, mom, wife, and daughter! I miss talking story with you. Please keep in touch. I am writing another blog today. Hope the daily blogging helps people think, if nothing else. Take care and many blessings! Hugs and Kisses! Mama Sherry!

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