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Day 2 of Change

Day two of 30 and so now it makes 29 days until the Whole 30 is complete. You may be experiencing withdrawals, headaches, body aches, melancholy, and just a general “Change isn’t worth it” attitude. Trust me, it is worth every moment.

Changes have been my life. I went from being an southern Illinois farm girl to a big city Berkeley girl at the age of 9. My father was a home missionary so that meant we moved every time the home mission board said to. Then I married a guy who loved the game of basketball and liked change and challenge. We moved every time the offer came for advancement and challenge. Thus, I have lived in five states and in the north, south, and central part of one of those states. I have taught every grade, K-12, 2-year college, 4-year college, university, and grad programs. Talk about change – I have lived it. Do I miss having the one house that family comes back to decade after decade/ I don’t know because we never lived in one place more than 12 years. Even there we moved three times. Have I had a lot of the same furniture? No. Have I had a lot of the same houses? No.

Change is change and either you embrace it or you fight against it. I have had my embracing and my denying. One of the denials is in the realm of religion. I have tried and cannot embrace the industrial church. (I was raised Lutheran, Southern Baptist, Presbyterian, Methodist, and have attended many other services in other settings here and abroad), thus I believe in church being a sacred and hallow place that sets itself apart from the rest of the world. I cannot embrace the repetitive praise songs. They are not worship songs that bring a serenity into the soul. They are all about give me, help me, or as I call them “About Me” choruses. I long for liturgy. Hearing from OT and NT in one message is awesomeness. Making connections with a hymn, message, prayer from the heart, all of that brings a serenity that I feel is missing. There needs to be change. Also I miss seeing whole families worshipping together. My generation decided that we needed to dumb worship down for kids and began children’s church. What a drastic mistake! This was one time when families were truly together and church leaders decided to separate them yet again. (Remember, these posts are to get you thinking.) Another issue is the game atmosphere of youth groups. Shouldn’t this be a time of truth; discussion of society, discussion of scripture, discussion of what is happening and how to gain strength? At one point, The Dude and I were middle school youth leaders. We had a huge group and our focus was on community service, but also on living spiritually. Once in a while we would have games when we had outings, but we took our roles as guides into spirituality very seriously. Also our youth spent the morning in worship with their parent(s). The whole family concept was most important. In fact, the mega churches have small focus groups and those adults seem to only make those people in their group their main friends. What happened to branching out beyond and into the full church family? Does your ministry team actually use a Bible or the real book for worship or is it an iPad?

That’s right, it is about the business. Many of our “Christian” institutions are now focusing on the $$$ instead of providing the complete educational experience of spirituality. I challenge you to look deeply at your worship whether you are Catholic, Buddhist, Muslim, Hindi, Denominational, or nondenominational, Atheist, or Agnostic. What and who do you truly worship? Is it all about you? Or is it about others? This is the same as you explore where you want to receive your higher education.

Making the change in just how you view a topic or way of doing a task, or a daily/weekly/monthly event can make a difference for you. Are you living the life you want to live? What do you do to make the change?

Change can be health, wealth, location, career, family, spirituality, or just simply attitude. Are you up for the challenge to start looking at all aspects of your life and the living of that life? What are the pluses and what are the minuses? Are you able to to the step, and remember Bob in taking baby steps. All it takes is one step, one step at a time, one hour, one day, one month. You Can Do It. It just starts with taking an assessment. No pity party; a true assessment.

I challenge you today to start the process of making a chart and heading columns with areas of your life. Under those headings start the list of what is a minus, but also on the bottom half of the column, put a plus. This way you end with the smiley face part, not the frowny face. End with the positive. After you start this process, focus on one that you value the most change, and then start a plan.

Remember challenge – and – baby steps.

YOU CAN DO IT! Today is the day you continue the challenge of change process.

Living the Crazy Life of Challenge of Change,


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