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Day 3 of Challenges

Already? Day 3? Yes it is. I am hoping you are doing well and finding each day the challenge is there but you are finding the fortitude to make a change. Changes in eating, health, movement, spirit, knowledge, tastes for cultures, and the bevy of topics I am going to continue to cover over the next 27 days. I do have to tell you about a new discovery. If you have been reading my posts, you know I discovered a laundry soda that is absolutely the greenest and cleaningest I have found. It is Nellie’s and is out of Vancouver, BC. For Californians it does not travel that far. Well, yesterday I was in The City, San Francisco, and stopped at Rainbow Market to see if they had Nellie’s Laundry Soda and new flavors of Hurraw, my favorite lip balm. Well – they had both and more – Nellie’s dishwasher pods. I used one last night and of course, super clean dishes without caustic chemicals. Have you thought about the fact that what you use to wash your dishes stays on your dishes? There are finite cracks in all of our dish/glass/ceramic/(your)plasticware. Whatever is put on the surface never really leaves. I found this out as I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. This is one of the many ways we can get contaminated! Anyway, think about the chemicals in your dish detergent. You are ingesting those chemicals. Now I have found the ultimate – Nellie’s pods! Woot! Again, change for the better and cheaper, too!

Now to today – Have you thought about the challenge of children? It does matter if you are a parent or not. You have interactions and feelings about children. As you read yesterday, I feel families should be together. You do need time away from the child(ren) but the time together is important. What I discuss today can apply to anyone. Case in point – We were in Riverside visiting with very close friends and The Dude decided the two little ones at the house needed ice cream cones. They left, had a great time, and came back. Everyone was thrilled. Now for the downturn – later that evening we got in the car to leave and as we pulled away I noticed something around the sunroof. Upon further investigation I discovered it at ice cream residue. Upon questioning I found out that The Dude allowed the 4 year old to eat his ice cream cone while looking out the sunroof! What fun was that?! Remember this was probably close to 30 years ago. Non-parents, you can have a good time too!

You already know that I view the world and its many mannerisms in different ways. Let’s take child-rearing. From birth children need to enjoy fine dining. Never at the expense of other diners, but if you start them early at nice restaurants not only do they learn the proper behavior but also what good food is. We never used the excuse that we could not do an activity because we had children. Don’t get me wrong, we knew the difference as to when children were appropriate and when they were not. An example – children, especially infants, should not be taken to movies. As they get to be about 3 1/2-4 yrs. old, then fine. Think about their hearing, thinking about their needs. Why are you taking them? Simply because you want to go and you would be a bad parent if you got a babysitter? Come on – do you really care about their health? Along with movies is the volume of music in some of the mega-churches. Good grief, not good for the hearing. (Trust me, audiologists are going to make a killing in the near future.) Little eardrums, bigger damage.

What about potty training. First of all, it takes 500 years before a disposable diaper even starts to decompose. Use cloth diapers! Much healthier for everyone! I had the option and no disposables for us. Those that know us well know we love to travel. Guess what, we traveled quite well without using disposables. No accidents either. Oh yes, potty training. As soon as our kids started walking, we started potty training. By the time they were 1 year old – using the potty and very few accidents. Yes, we spent a lot of time in the bathroom, and cleaned some missed targets, but no food or grief was expended on this process.

Appropriate outside time. How often do our children really get outside to just be kids? Read Last Child in the Woods. It will give you a lot of information as to why we all need to be proactive in getting children out and just enjoying unorganized play in the wonderful world around us. There needs to be time for everything without a heavy emphasis on technology. Technology includes TV. I am saddened by pistures I see and posts about look at them watching TV together. Our babies watching such&such. Let them watch YOU! Trust me, they grow too quickly. You will have lost time if you set them before screens all the time or in front of a keyboard, or other activities that are truly unstimulating. This is your time to be the impact, the teacher, the model, the one who really interacts and cares.

A trend is developing in the 9 and under generation known as The Homeland Generation, asocialism. They can interact with screens but not people. Think about this seriously. Whether you are a parent or not, be proactive! There are enough creeps in the world, let the positive, good, worthwhile interaction be the parent, good friends, aunts/uncles/grandparents/cousins and all in a very healthy family-oriented way.

Teachers, particularly women, I am concerned about how many teach not to impact many children, but selfishly because you have more time for your child(ren). Really, really, make the change for all children. Also there are groups that are trying to change the lives of certain groups, why not begin the change with children in your community and go from there?!

The challenge: Be a change in the life of a child. Think about your interactions.

Living the Crazy Life for children of any age,


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