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Making Changes through the Challenge Day 4!

Guess what? It is already Day 4 of the 30 Days of change. What started as simply change in what to eat is becoming a series of changes that are needed in many area of living. Kudos to those of you who have taken the challenge(s) and are slowly but surely making changes are at least trying something different. Over the week some have changed their hair styles, cut out the “bad” foods, started spending more quality time with their children, stopped complaining about their children, looked at their neighborhood and found where he/she can make a difference, surveyed their spiritual attitude, and some have done nothing. We all have our different times of taking ideas and mulling them, digesting them, and then choosing to act or not. We are a diverse group of peoples in this world and we need to celebrate the diversity in many ways.

Making a change means we have to recognize that there is a need for change. Often we are blind to the need. I found I was constantly sick; bronchitis, ear infections, sinus infections, constantly feeling bad, no energy. In the back of my mind I knew that I was a strong candidate for Celiac Disease. My mother died because of the complications of this disease, and it is hereditary! Fighting with doctors to get tested was a real battle. They treated me for this and that, I spent a lot of money and getting sicker on medications (many have wheat products in them), and I was trying to carry on so no one would know that I was very ill. It bothered me that my colleagues would call in sick, quite often, cancel classes, but I was not going to do that. I would carry on and give the students the education they deserved and paid for dearly. I would not let my family know so I would not be a worry to them. I continued the 2 1/2 hours each way drive and spent as much time in my office into the wee hours of morning and then back again very early so I could try to forget about being ill. Mind over matter. Mind over nausea and vomiting, mind over diarrhea! If I would not acknowledge it then no one else would have to. I found early in life that you are to be strong and you do what you have to do to provide for others. Then it came to a head when I was finally so sick that I insisted on being tested for Celiac Disease. Final diagnosis after blood work and biopsies – Severe Celiac! Surprise, surprise!

I was under close doctors’ supervision but with travel it was difficult to make appointments and get tests in the timely manner requested. My employer saw it only as a diet and nothing else. August came and the prognosis was to get it under control through close physician scrutiny. Stop the travel! I had to stop doing what I absolutely loved and to miss the wonderful interaction with the students I had come to know for years. Challenge, challenge, challenge! All of this life changing; YES! I cannot tell you the final outcome until a future post.

Now I ask, what changes have you endured lately? Have they been difficult? Trying? Annoying? Irritating? Welcomes? Joyous? Fulfilling? How did you really handle them and if they may come in the future, how will you approach the change?

Today’s challenge is to take time today and think. Think about how you have handled changes, how you can make changes in the simple issues around you, how you need to make a change. Back to children, or even pets, significant people in your life, and yourself – have you only looked at how something is affecting you? Have you surveyed the whole issue or circumstance or predicament? Look at the whole picture and then you can look at the complete challenge of a change. What are the stepping stones you need to use for support in your assessment of the challenge for change? They are out there, you just need to learn to balance on each one a step at a time.

I challenge you to assess.

Living the Crazy Life,


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