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Bad Boy!

We are sitting in our room at the Donkey Den in Santa Marianita, Ecuador. It has been quite the adventure. We got into Quito by way of El Salvador. We spent the night in a very interesting, totally walled resort. Then of to Mantra. A wonderful local picked us up and took us on quite the sightseeing tour. Down the coast and up the coast, we went to a fish market seeing some of the most unusual creatures available to eat. We went by a ship building yard. Then we were taken to so many little towns and seaside resorts, finally ending at Jama Campay, just north of Jama. We listened to the roar of this beautiful ocean all night. Often we forget the awesome experience of listening only to the sounds of nature. Thought a lot of Darwin and what our must have been like to experience this beautiful land so many decades ago. We are seeing unique trees, birds, and other creatures. So sad is the garbage we see along the roads, beaches, and homes. Our wonderfully gracious driver, Manuel, is tolerating all of our gringo questions and comments. The Dude is amazing me with his use of Spanish. I can read most of the signs.

We went through a grocery store and the prices are so cheap. No gluten free products so that is a major drawback for me.

Now we are off to Manta to meet some people for dinner.

Living the crazy life,

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