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What’s fuzzy, red, and found in bed?

Last night as we opened the door to our little bungalow at the lake resort, we were met by a toasty, cracking fire heating the rustic room. We read and chatted and then prepared to retire. Pulling down the covers was an awesome surprise. On each side of the bed was a huge fuzzy red water bottle heating each side of the bed. A true delight on the cold evening. What a way to end the day, standing with one foot on the Northern Hemisphere and the other foot on the Southern Hemisphere. The world is a wonderful place in so many ways.

An interesting aspect we have been encountering is the recurring theme of how a Mexicans are never satisfied with what they have. Materialism is what we are known for. I find that really sad, especially as we go throughout the country and city areas seeing people living on $319 a month, yet seemingly content and smiling. Along the same lines we keep hearing stories about the expats who come here to live and they are taken advantage of by the greedy gringos already settled here.

Our trip has gone by quickly and soon we will be on our way back to the land of plenty. Time to question in so many ways.

Tomorrow we canoe into our next hotel.

Living the crazy life,

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