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Another Couple of Countries

Hopped on the bus at 2 am this morning, the stars were shining as brilliantly as they have every night we have been in Ecuador. The sky seems to be a lapis blue turning into turquoise toward midday and then transisting into an indigo dusted with sparkling diamonds. The milky way is pure cream and the big dipper could hold more here in the southern hemisphere. Home is calling. We are missing family and dear friends although we have made new friends from Canada, Ecuador, and the US. Travel broadens our tiny world in so many ways from food, music, habits, language, cultural mores, environment, landscapes, and world view. Perspective changes in every area of lives, or at least Jim and I believe this. Saddened by our travel warning from the U.S. Gov’t email we received about the many dangers in San Salvador, we are staying in the airport. Perhaps a day or stay in El Salvador during a safer time. Unrest is painful. The many areas of unrest in our world are always in our thoughts and prayers. Peace will come one day. Once we are home we will begin working on our tales of travels, adventures, and tips. I also will add pictures and more information about what our adventure held, besides the lack of Internet.

Thank you to my followers.

Living the crazy life,

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