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Being Thankful for Gifts of Wonder

Happy Holiday Season to Everyone,

We have passed Thanksgiving and now most of the population has rushed into the frenzy known as the Holiday Season. As I have reviewed comments on Facebook, Twitter, other blogs, and listened to numerous conversations while out-and-about, I have wondered why so many complain about their jobs, hardships, children, parents, friends, and general living. The stress level is ridiculous. The keeping up with the Joneses is never going to happen.

So get a life! We are not there yet, but we are slowly realizing that happiness comes from the experiences we have. The ability to find a very cheap and sweet deal to Ecuador to experience the Amazon, rainforest, Andes, coast, llamas, and people did not come easily. It took effort and working together. Yes, I did get injured on the trip, but instead of moaning I kept on trekking and made it worse. But you know what? I have slowly recovered and now I have the coolest memories!

What are you doing to build the memories? Are you wanting your family to remember the expensive tree, or how many gifts, or do you want to have the memories of picking out the tree, the simple decorations, the family time, and the whole idea of the celebration. I am writing about why you have this time of year? Many of you have different beliefs and celebrate in diverse ways, but what is the end product?

Do you celebrate each other every day of the year? Do you celebrate the little steps, strides, achievements, and most of all the fact that someone is there to support you? Do you have gifting throughout the year without special occasions to mark the gift? Do you show people how much you appreciate them?

Jim and I don’t have the answers but we do know that since we started opening our home to his teams when he was coaching and showing our two children about sharing with others and giving of ourselves on these holidays, we feel much more productive and giving. It is what humankind is supposed to do. Sharing dinners, desserts, and selves is important. Leaving a warm home to go to a game and cheer for players you don’t know is rewarding. Saying “Hi” to a friend who is in town for an event is rewarding. Renewing, refreshing, rewarding. The Three R’s.

In case you are wondering, we do not get trees anymore, we keep a simple straw wreath on our door all year, we do not write a family letter, we have no lights in our windows, and we listen to holiday music on the car radio. I do have two awesome Tomte handcrafted from real wool who sit on our mantel.

Are you using the Three R’s for your holiday season?

Happy Holidays,


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