Midnight at the Oasis

     Such fun to be had – searching for songs about the desert. Theme from Lawrence of Arabia, Maria Muldaur singing in the background about sending camels to bed, all hidden treasures sparking more interest in our new home. We are listening to Egyptian artists such as Habib, Sherine, and Omr. Reading literature each evening about the Egyptian history, culture, and language, as well as reading the best-selling novels, translated into English. Trying new recipes for koshari, lahma bil basal, chicken shwarma, and kabobs of all kinds. A great find is the oldest Middle Eastern market in San Francisco.  Samiramis is at 2990 Mission St., San Francisco, CA 94110. They are truly helpful and will take the time to help find items. I love the national spice blend of Egypt, baharat, and the dried limes punctured and added to any dish are delightful. I have become addicted to this spice blend and now add it to just about any type of mixed food I may be making; paella, stews, soups, baked chicken with baharat on the skin as a rub and the punctured dried limes in the cavity. Very yummy and the house absolutely permeates with the fragrance. All are adding to our excitement.

     Fortunate, we are truly fortunate! To eat these foods made for us will be heavenly. Oh, did I mention about the perks of these positions? Well, sit back and let this sink in. We will be living on campus, thus a 5 second commute by foot from our fully furnished apartment housed in a building over 100 years old, surrounded by Alexandria, founded in 331 BC by Alexander the Great. The school campus is located about four blocks from the Mediterranean Sea. Three fresh meals are prepared for us every day of the week. If I do care to cook, I can walk to the nearby souk or souq to purchase fresh produce and spices, or I can hire someone to do my buying. We will have no expenses such as cable, Internet, utilities, and bottled water as they are provided. Local drivers are available for us and Jim will have a translator for his trips. The community surrounding the campus appreciate the school and the community projects it provides. Jim and I are practicing words and phrases in Arabic as we believe in assimilating into the culture. Our belief is we are in their land and should not expect them to cater to our particular ways. We are there to educate their children, but we are also there to be educated about their culture.

Off to a new land, literature, and living!

Living the Crazy Life,


4 comments on “Midnight at the Oasis

  1. Heaven on Earth! Can’t wait to have you at Schutz with us!

  2. Such a blessing to be able to go to Egypt!

    • Thank you, Sharon. We feel this is truly a new venture that God has blessed and gifted us. We are already researching the different places of worship available for us. Having the ability to hike up to the top of Mount Sinai and the area of the burning bush. Going down the Nile and seeing the Red Sea are all part of our journey plans.

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