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The New Adventure

     What would life be without adventure? For us it would be a dull existence. We live to experience challenges, change, travel, and the ultimate adventures. Now we are readying ourselves for the longest, farthest, most adventurous move, yet. I have endured Illinois to California, California to Washington, Washington to Colorado, back to Southern California, Southern California to the Central Coast, then Hawai’i and back to the Sacramento area, then to Santa Rosa. Now we are off to Alexandria, Egypt for at least a couple of years, perhaps longer. 

     There is more to this type of move than just packing. We have had to get so many documents, updated documents, send off, travel for seals, phone calls, and all to work in another country. Quite the intensity of details. Will this be worth it? We truly believe it will be. Be prepared to follow this adventure in living, eating, travel, learning a new culture, and every aspect about day-to-day life in Alexandria, Egypt.

Camels, pyramids, and burning bushes here we come!

Living the crazy life,


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