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From Sea to Shining Sea

The semester has only two weeks left and I will administer finals the week after. The last for Santa Rosa Junior College in my current career. Bittersweet as always to end one chapter and begin another. Now to the process of living near the water, both in Carmel-by-the-Sea and the Mediterranean. Easy walks to both for us. We can actually hear the ocean at our home in CbtS. The noise of Alexandria will not allow us the same luxury, yet it will be the difference in energy both places bring. Both domiciles will allow us to renew old acquaintances, walk old and new paths, and strike up new relationships.

Change is wonderful especially when it brings about renewal and actively engaging in learning. As Jim will be continuing in an Athletics Administration role, he will also teach. I am moving back to a grade I dearly loved teaching in my long career, First Grade. This grade level is inspiring as the students are fresh, enlightened, eager, and full of discovery. I refer to them as little Edisons as their  little light bulbs often take a number of clicks to turn on, but once the bulb is lit, the light is bright! I have been busy gathering materials to spark the light!

A number of the staff and faculty of Schutz American School have been greeting us by email and providing links to get us started in the learning process of what curriculum we will be using in serving the students. We have also been welcomed by neighbors and businesses in Carmel-by-the-Sea.

We are very comfortable in both of our moves. Watch as the blog will become more frequent and as I begin a blog for children, featuring Caleb the Camel from California. He will be traveling along with us throughout the entire trip and he will be blogging very soon. Stay tuned!

Living the crazy life,


This is a photo taken from the rooftop garden/patio of our new home.





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