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The Swirl


Much like this interesting sand swirl found on yesterday’s beach walk, I am feeling the circular movement of moving a household, and moving to Alexandria. Just over a month until the next life changing event. The paperwork alone has been daunting and still more to be completed. But there is an assurance of peace as all of this is being guided with the help of many. On ojr walk to the beach we asked rhetorical questions and I gladly checked out the second book in the Egyptian trilogy I am rading. A library card, excitement, and the element of curiosity. We bought a sliver of Turkish taffy (gluten free) and have been slowly enjoying the yummy strawberry cheweyness. Anxiously looking foward to the taste adventures of our new foreign home away from home, we chat every single day about what lays ahead.

We have company and family djring our last three weekends. Life is completely packed for the last six weeks we are on US soil. We look forward to seeing friends who are already there and other friends and family in nearby countries. Food, yes trying new foods. Adventures, yes we will be doing those, and an important experience for me will be attending a Coptic service. Learning first and foremost about other cultures and ways other countries treat their citizens, making new friends from other cultures is at the top of our list!

The world is our playground, our vast ocean just waiting for us to gather the pearls of life!

Living the crazy life,


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