Our Best?

Another Sunday and a beautiful short walk to church, well at least the church we have started attending since moving to the Village. Albeit a short stroll, we chatted, caught glimpses of a tree-framed Pacific Ocean teaming with life seen and unseen. It is not difficult to enjoy all God’s wonder and creations on beautiful days.

Then as we were seated by the usher I started thinking which may be good or may be bad. Why do we not respect God more? By this I mean, why don’t we say a simple “Thank you, God” as we meander on walks? Why don’t we prepare for church in a more meaningful manner? Here is food for thought if you care to take some time to think about God and what should be considered in behavior.

 Now, I am thinking this way in a personal avenue, and Jim and I have had deep conversations about what I am about to tackle and give a challenge.

  1. We are to enter His house with a worshipful attitude. Do we truly do it with patience and penance?  I find myself wondering about the hand I just shook as the person coughed behind me, will the fragrance the person is wearing beside me give me the usual headache, will I be put off when the incorrect information is given on a certain topic? These are many pieces interrupting my worship, but see, I am not in a worshipful state, I am not releasing to God what should be my mind, heart, and soul.
  2. “Clothes make the man…” stated Mark Twain, and the rest is “…naked people have little to no influence on society.” We have heard the first part of the phrase many times. Yet, do we dress for God, or do we dress for others, or do we dress for self? Today I saw jeans, skimpy tops, workout shoes, slippers, and the finery that comes with hats and fancy clothes. The bottom line here is, am I thinking about dressing out of respect? Yes, God/Jesus/The Spirit takes us as we are so why do we just throw on everyday clothing? Why do we not give serious thought to how we are coming to the House of God? Should we not dress with our finest for our Lord? Should we not give the same details and thought to worship as we do a dinner out or special event, or that special trip? Isn’t worship our special event to commune with God and His community of believers?
  3. Why is grape juice the drink of choice for Communion/the Lord’s Supper? Didn’t Jesus turn the water into wine at the wedding? Even as a child I could never understand why humans made the decision to change the Word of the Bible. As a child, I was able to drink a small thimble full of wine at dinner so why couldn’t I have real wine when I became a Christian and could partake in the symbolic event of Communion/Lord’s Supper?
  4. Have I spent too much time reading C.S. Lewis works? Screwtape Letters comes to mind often when I get bored with a message. (Shame on me for getting bored, as I know there is some special piece The Lord is sending to me.)  Today was one of those Sundays when I was looking around and listening to side conversations. “Uncle Screwtape is busy pointing out all the issues available to Wormword to use on the Patient”, as I told myself when I became very distracted.
  5. Many of you already know that I have an issue with megachurches as it is not a whole, but many little parts trying to be one big piece. The Aloha shirt preachers are casual in their dress, approach, and use of the Bible. (I am not going to even tackle the cheapy little props.) Oh wait, they don’t use a leatherbound worn Bible but they must have an iPad Air or just read the scripture (it must be the latest translation) from a screen. Why can’t we go back to the smaller community churches? Small is not the small we used to have, but at least you get to meet, commune, chat, and enjoy the beautiful diversity of age, gender, thoughts, and beliefs within one community. Today as I sang from a hymnal, refusing to look at the screen on my side of the church, I thought about how children used to learn to read, increase vocabulary, figure out syllables, and learn rhyme and cadence from reading along in hymnals while their parents pointed to the words. As teachers, the children came to school already armed with the reading and writing skills learned from church, synagogue, and temples. Vocabulary was phenomenal.This is not a rant, it is a cause for thought. I can only hope it causes you to think about your worship, whatever/whomever you worship. Worship with respect is what I am asking you to contemplate. No apologies, but I will let you know next week’s blog will be back to the adventures of some kind. Hey wait, isn’t worship an adventure??!!

    Living the Crazy Life,


3 comments on “Our Best?

  1. I agree with much of what you are saying…we will give the world our best and tend to give God our sloppy seconds…thanks for the reminder and things to ponder…do you think sometimes when we get caught up in how or what the preacher preaches from we might lose sight of what God wants us to learn? We had people upset about the type of podium/pulpit the pastor preached from so they missed the whole message. ..bc they allowed their thoughts to be pulled away from worship.

  2. Nice, thanks for sharing. Cam

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