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Lights Out

Another day on the Mediterranean, but all is not perfect. There are issues with the power. Living in Egypt has brought about many changes, some good, some not so good. Power plants always seem to be a target and that has happened here. Because they are not quite up to the full capacity we have power outages from time to time and we then function on generators.

What this has caused – spending time talking, conversing, walking, visiting with others with just the cooling fans, breezes on the porches and balconies, and seeing fireworks. That’s right, fireworks. They are shot off every night by neighborhood people. Nothing fancy just simple fireworks a little ways up in the sky. Quite the site.

We have yet to use candles as the generators provide enough power to have lights and fans, just no air conditioners. Are we suffering, no. As we sit in our school apartment and realize that this school was founded in 1924, we think about those who came before and did not have the comforts we have. They survived and so will we. It is the way and we will embrace it.

About the evenings on the balcony outside our apartment – we witnessed quite the OSHA nightmare. We heard tapping and pounding and saw across campus the workers installing an air conditioner. Are you ready? On man was laying on stomach on top of a rolled up Turkish carpet, hanging most of his body out the window on the second story as another was holding onto his ankles. He was upside down pounding the holders into the side of the building for a frame to put the air conditioning unit in. Another man was handing him the tools he needed. I wanted to snap a picture but did not want to be rude. It was quite the site and we talked about what would happen in the States. We also see, daily, the buildings going up around the campus with guys working 15 stories and up without any harnesses, safety lines, nothing. They are laying bricks, cement, you name it when it comes to building a major high rise. The cement mix is hauled up by an old fashioned pulley system. We have been warned to not walk near this work. Amazing is all I can say.

Just another awesome day in Alexandria!

Living the Crazy Life,


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