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Jordan Adventures

IMG_1132We are enjoying Jordan, the Jordanians, and all this diverse land has to offer. Awestruck is not a word to do justice to this land that Jim and I consider to be part of the Holy Land. Before we left Cairo, we were befriended by a business man who told us all about the wonderful country of Jordan. He also sat in the row ahead of us on the plane and pointed out the major landmarks of the Suez Canal, Gulf of Aqaba, the mountains and valleys, cities, and country borders. He truly set the tone for our visit here. As we explore this country, we are amazed by the history both from a regular history buff perspective but also from a biblical perspective. We ask ourselves, “Who may have walked here?” We think about the Romans, Greeks, Israelites, Silk Road merchants and travelers, and the Disciples. To us, this is what traveling is about, what learning about other cultures is about, what connection to beliefs is about. Wherever we go, every person says “Welcome to Jordan!”

As we travel more into the predominately Islamic cultures, we experience from-the-heart genuine friendliness, kindness, caring, and interest in what we think and are experiencing as we travel through the countires. Staying at The Four Seasons, Amman has been wonderful as the staff in the restaurants, front desk, concierge, front office, throughout the entire hotel have been very accommodating with my gluten-free diet, but most of all in sharing about the culture here. We have had wonderful, casual chats with staff, and the young couples who were observing weddings with us. No one has treated us poorly or unfairly, or as the Americans. We keep getting invited back to visit!

It is more expensive here than in Egypt, but the roads are wonderful, and the gas is cheap and the same price everywhere. We have driven to every place we have visited, although we may take a taxi to Rainbow Street later today as the Eid is over and everyone is back to work. We see why a lot of Hollywood film makers use this beautiful and diverse land for their backdrops. Lawrence of Arabia, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Transformers, and many others have used the unique geography found in this land. This is what we like about travel, we learn so much! We cannot sit still and not see what is around us. We still need to visit the Blue Mosque, right down the street! I will write about the rest of our adventures later.

More to come on this adventure. I want to give time to the trip to Bethany Beyond the Jordan where John the Baptist lived and where Jesus was baptized by him in the Jordan River. This is also the area where Jesus began his time of temptation.

We are loving this beautiful and diverse land of Jordan and its people! More to come.

Living the Crazy (and fulfilling) Life,


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