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First Graders and Fall Festivals

My First Graders were excited, but still performed well on their spelling tests, wrote stories about scarecrows, and managed to have Physical Education all before going home at Noon, today. A major fundraising event for our Parent/Teacher/Student group is the annual Fall Festival. The theme is always based on Halloween and involves the whole campus. It was an event full of assorted activities, games played for prizes, a haunted house, sack races, and a variety of foods available. Most exciting was to see so many people together, sitting and talking, children enjoying their families, and the interaction between, drivers, nannies, parents, and sibling and friends. This Egyptian culture is just like our home town cultures you would find throughout the States.

On to this amazing class of 7 girls and 7 boys. There are children at grade level and some who are soaring at beginning Second Grade level in Reading and Math. In a question time with each child, the final answers given on what they each want to be when they grow up and get a job was the following: 1 dentist, 1 kids’ cancer doctor, 1 bone doctor, 1 general doctor, 1 archeologist/computer fixer, 1 singer, 1 pianist, 2 veterinarians, 1 scientist, 1 pyrotechnic engineer, 1 engineer for car design, 1 professional tennis player, and 1 cook at McDonald’s. Wow! What a collection of careers. Their tasks will be learn about these professions with their 5th Grade Buddies and video a mini Ted Talk at the end of the year for their parents.

Our school requires the last parent conference be student-led. This requirement had to have my quirky twist so we are going to present First Grade Ted Talks for the students to present their future personal careers and what they have learned this year that will help them get there. These students are writing delightful stores with plot, setting, characters all planned out, and yes, they know what those words mean. Their vocabulary is growing by leaps and bounds. Remember: these wunderkinder speak, read, and write not just two languages but most of them have a third language!

There is hope for our world for peace if we just give it a chance. Here are First Graders with grandiose dreams and talents already exhibited. Here are families, relatives, nannies, drivers, and friends who have different belief systems all getting along to sit and eat, chat, have a delightful fruity drink, and just plain get along. With the campus teeming with hundreds of people, everyone had smiles, genuine greetings, and caring for the little ones as they enjoyed this festive time.

The age of wonder for First Graders with dreams, the collaborating in a community, and the “getting along” of peoples is priceless. We can do this, World, if we just show the love, kindness, respect, and friendship exhibited last night!

Living the Crazy Life,


These photos don’t even begin to show the awesomeness of last night! The three awesome ladies are teaching colleges!


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