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Jordan the Holy Land

The Exodus, not the movie, ours! We cannot get Jordan out of our minds. The Dude and I reflected this week on our latest trip. Coming out of Egypt (yes, we kept singing the Desmond Dekker song “The Israelites”) we were stunned as we watched the stark landscape underneath us. The barren land, mountains with […]




I know all of us are constantly talking about priorities, but have we focused more on the lesser of the important? Being a severe Celiac in Egypt has been quite the struggle. Going to Jordan for a week did not help in my frustrations as I was fed very well, gluten-free every meal (even boxed […]

Jordan Adventures

Jordan Adventures

This covers Jordan, gluten-free eating, friendliness, Bible, Islamic Nation, travel.




(Be forewarned, this is a rambling blog this week.) Living in Egypt is an interesting experience. Rarely do we see homeless in Alexandria like we do in San Francisco, and the large amount of homeless in downtown Santa Rosa, but there are disturbing amounts of trash in the streets and malnourished donkeys and horses pulling […]

Sharpened Pencils

The end of this week finds us with Open House out of the way and the opportunity to have met our wonderful parents, and being delighted with sharpened pencils. More on sharpened pencils soon. Now to share about my classroom, as promised this week. I have a very big room with two big white boards […]

87 Steps to the Apartment

You read the title correctly. It is 87 steps up to our apartment and 87 steps down to the ground. The Dude keeps reminding me it is good for the glutes. Well, some days I agree and others I don’t. This is a campus of stairs. You have to remember that Schutz American School is […]

First Grade/First Week

Another semester started this week, no wait! A new academic year started and instead of college students I have First Graders, future college students. I cannot wait to share this past three days. I have 13 students on my roster and 11 have shown each day. I have a new student coming from the British […]

Lights Out

Another day on the Mediterranean, but all is not perfect. There are issues with the power. Living in Egypt has brought about many changes, some good, some not so good. Power plants always seem to be a target andĀ that has happenedĀ here. Because they are not quite up to the full capacity we have power outages […]