The Crazy Life

Being Thankful for Gifts of Wonder

Happy Holiday Season to Everyone, We have passed Thanksgiving and now most of the population has rushed into the frenzy known as the Holiday Season. As I have reviewed comments on Facebook, Twitter, other blogs, and listened to numerous conversations while out-and-about, I have wondered why so many complain about their jobs, hardships, children, parents, […]

Another Couple of Countries

Hopped on the bus at 2 am this morning, the stars were shining as brilliantly as they have every night we have been in Ecuador. The sky seems to be a lapis blue turning into turquoise toward midday and then transisting into an indigo dusted with sparkling diamonds. The milky way is pure cream and […]

Orchids, Silver, Pigs, Weaving, and Ruins

Miguel was ready to take us on a journey seen through a local´s eyes. Carlos, our new Argentinian friend joined us. We headed out of Cuenca toward the mountains, stopping at an orchid farm that works at saving the native orchids of Ecuador and are actually cloning plants. I couldn’t stop taking pictures. Then it […]

Bad Boy!

We are sitting in our room at the Donkey Den in Santa Marianita, Ecuador. It has been quite the adventure. We got into Quito by way of El Salvador. We spent the night in a very interesting, totally walled resort. Then of to Mantra. A wonderful local picked us up and took us on quite […]


As I come to the end of July and an end of another English 5, I can’t help but be pinching myself. I seem to be lucky enough to get a class of awesome students, the brightest and best! They keep me in awe. They take what I dish out, literally! They read, they discuss, they think! […]


We all have our little quirks and we all have the list of behaviors, sounds, and other pieces of living that irritate us on a daily basis. Today I am going to rant a little. Being Celiac. Having Celiac Disease is not fun, but I cannot let it overcome my love of living. Yesterday, the […]

Thoughts on Reality and a Recipe!

Perhaps this Friday is not the day you had hoped it would be. Guess what, that’s alright! Often Friday is the last day of the work week for many, but it may be the middle of some work weeks or the beginning. We need to look at each day as a beginning of a wonderful […]