First Graders and Fall Festivals

First Graders and Fall Festivals.

First Graders and Fall Festivals

My First Graders were excited, but still performed well on their spelling tests, wrote stories about scarecrows, and managed to have Physical Education all before going home at Noon, today. A major fundraising event for our Parent/Teacher/Student group is the annual Fall Festival. The theme is always based on Halloween and involves the whole campus. […]

Jordan the Holy Land

Jordan the Holy Land.



Misconceptions about Hygiene

Misconceptions about Hygiene.

Misconceptions about Hygiene

When we first thought about this move to Alexandria, Egypt the obvious questions came up in conversations. One was a reflection on the many countries we have had the privilege to travel through or live. Obviously, the distinct smells and fragrances of each place came clear in our minds. What would be distinctive about Egypt […]

87 Steps to the Apartment

87 Steps to the Apartment.

First Grade/First Week

First Grade/First Week.

The First Week of Egyptian Living

Truthfully, it was a grueling trip to Alexandria, Egypt. We began with not getting a full night’s sleep on Thursday as our fire alarm went off in the building at 3:00 am. once that happened and the police and fire fighters arrived only to find nothing, thankfully, we just could not go back to sleep. […]

Our Best?

Another Sunday and a beautiful short walk to church, well at least the┬áchurch we have started attending since moving to the Village. Albeit a short stroll, we chatted, caught glimpses of a tree-framed Pacific Ocean teaming with life seen and unseen. It is not difficult to enjoy all God’s wonder and creations on beautiful days. […]