The New Adventure

     What would life be without adventure? For us it would be a dull existence. We live to experience challenges, change, travel, and the ultimate adventures. Now we are readying ourselves for the longest, farthest, most adventurous move, yet. I have endured Illinois to California, California to Washington, Washington to Colorado, back to Southern […]

Another Couple of Countries

Hopped on the bus at 2 am this morning, the stars were shining as brilliantly as they have every night we have been in Ecuador. The sky seems to be a lapis blue turning into turquoise toward midday and then transisting into an indigo dusted with sparkling diamonds. The milky way is pure cream and […]

What’s fuzzy, red, and found in bed?

Last night as we opened the door to our little bungalow at the lake resort, we were met by a toasty, cracking fire heating the rustic room. We read and chatted and then prepared to retire. Pulling down the covers was an awesome surprise. On each side of the bed was a huge fuzzy red […]

Sleeping Between Volcanoes

Today we traveled into Quito and walked around the old town. Many beautiful churches, some with gargoyles and animals from the Galapagos gracing the outside of the churches. No pictures allowed in any of the sanctuaries as they are considered to hallowed. I have never seen so much gold. The gigantic statues that stand over […]

The Main Church in Cuenca, Ecuador

This picture was not enhanced in any way.

Stopping for Fighting Llamas

That’s right, we had to stop for fighting llamas as we were coming down the mountain. Thrilling, exciting, and just plain awesome! We thought coming in and out of clouds ancd seeing waterfalls, house built on the steep slopes were breathtaking until I spotted two llamas grazingby the road. We were all on lookout afterthat […]

Getting Ready

Very early we will be off to another adventure. South America awaits. Plans are to blog every other day. This trip is to explore all of the country of Ecuador. The Galapagos is not included for this trip. We will be spending time in the Amazon region where rainforests and volcanoes are waiting for our […]